Rates for Pioneer Classes & Herbal Workshops

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Potato Basket                           25.00
8in. Egg Basket                         30.00
Apple Basket                            35.00
Market Basket                           30.00
Chair weaving Herringbone Design        30.00
Wild Herbal Workshop                    40.00
Soap Making                             25.00
All these classes last several hours. If you are a beginner, be prepared to spend the day, and bring your lunch. The prices include your supplies, except the chair weaving, you must bring your own straight back chair.

Send e-mail for the next available classes. If you have a group, special dates can be set up. Basket weaving & chair weaving classes, are limited to 10 students per class.. If you're travelling a good distance, primitive camping is available on the farm, or you can reserve the log cabin.

The wild herbal workshops begin in the log cabin with discussion. We then go out on the farm, and identify wild plants that can be used for food or medicine. If there is an abundance of the plants, you may take a small sample, otherwise you may photograph them. This class will help you learn to live off the land, if the need did arises.