History of Mullins Log Cabin

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The Mullins log cabin is an original structure, believed to have been built in the 1850's.

Judy acquired the cabin, quite by accident, by being in the right place, at the right time.

In 1991, she was at the local country store, Henry's Grocery, and overheard a neighbor, Bill Dunaway, saying, "If someone doesn't come and get those logs, I'm going to burn them."

Being a small community where everybody knows their neighbor, Judy spoke right up and said, "Bill, please don't burn those logs, I'll be right over." Judy's youngest son, Jarrod, and Bill's son, spent the rest of the hot summer afternoons, tearing down the logs, and the stone chimney. They were then moved to the current location on the Mullins farm. This is about a mile from the original site. Reconstruction began in November 1991, and was completed in July 1992.

In the beginning, Judy's plans were, to just use the cabin as a basketry workshop. Then someone suggested, it might be a nice place for city folks to get away for the weekend.

From that point on, it has been a retreat for families, honeymooners, boy and girl scout groups, and churches. Also, in September 1998, Judy's son Scott married his beautiful wife Amy, on the front porch of the cabin. Over two hundred guests were seated on the lawn, Afterwards, the couple was driven away in a horse drawn carriage.

Various events and workshops are held throughout the year.