Mullins Log Cabin Country Getaway

Come along with me, as we travel down memory lane, to a time when life was much more simpler. A time when hard work was expected, and rewards were few. But also to a time, when we helped our neighbors, went to a church social, or swam in the farm pond.

Those days are gone, but just maybe, some of that atmosphere can be resurrected. The place where this is possible, is called: Mullins Log Cabin Country Getaway in Grant County, Kentucky.

When you visit, you'll feel as though you've stepped back in time. As you pull into the drive, immediatly your mind wanders back to tales your grandparents spoke of.

With the old stone slave fence, framing the cabin, the little creek behind, and the spacious relaxation area, you'll imagine yourself in a by-gone-era.

Judy Mullins has been the owner and Inn-Keeper since 1992. She trys to preserve fragments of the past, by displaying various antique pieces, and antique look a likes.

As you step inside the 1850's structure, you'll feel as though you've come home to Great Grandma's. Baskets, quilts, hanging herbs, homemade soap, antiques, and folk art signs, all say WELCOME, to another place in time.

You can visit just for the day. But to get the full PIONEER EFFECT, you must make a reservation for overnight.

Imagine, if you will, this romantic setting. An old log cabin, all alone with the one you love, oil lamps, candles, the glow from the fireplace, as you enjoy your catered meal.

When in season, an arrangment of wild flowers will be sitting beside your bed, and on the dinner table downstairs.

If you visit in the warmer season, perhaps you would like to step out the back door, and have a picnic by the creek. The quilt covered , primitive table, herb garden, and hammock awaits you, for a relaxed evening, you won't soon forget.

For more information about other happenings, and events at the log cabin, or to reserve your special night, you may send e-mail, or call Judy Mullins. phone: 859-824-4306 Voice mail: 1-888-392-5077